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Aston Martin DB11 Project

Aston Martin details by Steve Ashdown

It was a real luxury to be able to take the time off and spend it with my baby daughter Kitty during her first few months. She has now started nursery and I am now easing myself back into the world of work with a nice little project. It’s hard to call it work really but actually, the Aston Martin DB11 can be tricky to capture. Most photos you will find hardly do this handsome car justice. My Brief was to make it look good enough to tempt Mr Bond. I hope for my sake, he likes it.

Aston Martin DB11 by Steve Ashdown

Aston Martin by Steve Ashdown

More projects like this would be very welcome!



Formula E Test Session

Team China - Formula E

Formula E might just be the future of motorsport. Many people are sad about the lack of howling V8 engine sounds but these days they won’t find that in Formula 1 either. I was pleasantly surprised by my first experience of these electric racing cars. They are quiet but not silent. The motor sounds remind me of radio controlled cars I played with years ago. You also notice all the tyre screeching and gear changes that are normally masked by engine noise.

These cars are quick too, and they are likely to get much quicker over the next few years. The street circuit racing should make it exciting to watch and follows the green route of bringing the race to the audience rather than the other way round.

Team China Formula E

I’m always happy photographing cars of all types, so this was another challenge for me. With Team China racing there should be plenty of people watching the racing around the world on TV too. Only time will tell if this particular racing series will capture public attention and become a financial success but all of motorsport is bound to head in this low emissions direction eventually. Thankfully it still makes for exciting racing so theres no need to worry for its future.