Profile – Steve Ashdown

I didn’t inherit an old Leica at the age of 3 but I have worked in graphics and photography for nearly two decades. Ever since I realised that being a car designer was more about engineering tolerances than fine art.

I work on a freelance basis with agencies and end clients. With a degree in design and marketing, I speak the same language and know all too well the power of image. I’ve worked with some of the world’s largest and smallest companies, made stationery sexy and plastic moldings into sculpture.

I like to work in a cinematic, story telling style that adds value to the kind of products that you “want” much more than you “need”. Recently I’ve returned to creating images of cars. I’m learning to make the dream the subject rather than the metal and those engineering tolerances.

I live just outside Birmingham in the UK and work wherever I’m needed. My wife comes from China and is a University Professor. My daughter is one, she’s a car fan already.