Steve Ashdown Photography and Graphics provide a commercial photography and image creation service to clients who appreciate the power of visual storytelling. Steve and his team are highly experienced in the fields of image production, lighting, location scouting and shoot logistics.


Each shoot is meticulously planned, beginning with the creative vision and proposal, before any arrangements are made. Both studio and location shoots are part of our regular work. Each require specific planning and equipment which we are well prepared for. Both product photography and car photography require careful judgment of light, reflections and reflections. We use the best high-resolution medium-format cameras along with an armoury of constant and strobe lighting.


CGI projects can be purely computer generated or produced with real life elements such as photographic reflection maps, backplates, props and details. 3D models can be created from CAD files or produced from a sample product if files are not available. We can work with your designers and engineers to accurately replicate specific materials and finishes.

Video and Animation

Motion graphics can be produced independently, or alongside a photoshoot. This can be used for advertising or to support a campaign on social media. We can also produce animations using 3D models combined with location video backdrops.

About Steve Ashdown

The visual appeal of cars was an obsession from the point I could pick up a pencil and plaster by bedroom with blu-tacked sketches. While I can’t real out a story of inheriting a dusty old Leica at the age of 3 I have worked in graphics and photography for two decades. Ever since I realised that being a car designer was more about engineering tolerances than fine art.

An accredited full member of the Association of Photographers, I work on a freelance basis with both agencies and end clients. With a degree in design and marketing and years in graphic design, I speak their language and know all too well the power of an image. I’ve worked with some of the world’s largest and smallest companies, made stationery sexy and turned plastic mouldings into sculpture. I’m as comfortable taking control of a project as I am working closely within a team under creative direction to realise a brief.

I like to work in a cinematic, story-telling style that adds value to the kind of products that you “want” even more than you “need”. In recent years I’ve turned to car photography and automotive imaging. Blending photos, textures and CGI. I aim to make ‘the dream’ the subject rather than the metal, plastic and those engineering tolerances.

I currently live in Bristol in the UK and work wherever I’m needed. My wife comes from China and is a University Lecturer. My daughter is just six, but she wields a Leica like a pro.