While in China I have made the time to continue to explore its more remote rural areas and people. Guangxi region in addition to its famous beauty, is a treasure-trove of ancient traditions and culture. There are countless ethnic groups proudly continuing their local customs. Each minority group has their own traditional costume which varies from village to village and many country people continue to wear them daily. At festivals and on special occasions they have more dressy versions with bright colours and detailed metal headdresses.

Rather than being a time machine into an ancient world you can see the modern world has become integrated into traditional Chinese life. It is both sad that the old traditions are being lost and cheering that progress is beginning to reach these distant inland villages and living standards are starting to improve.

This process of change makes me thankful to have the opportunity to see and record both the old and the new colliding in this unique Chinese way.

China Garden

Chinese Village Beauties

Chinese village children